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Pivot Drop Arm Awnings

The Blind Elegance pivot arm awning is a versatile and problem-solving awning. Great for above-ground windows, our pivot arm awnings will create a comfortable shade over a window while still allowing the air to flush through it, making them ideal for those hard to reach spaces.

They can be operated internally or externally via cord lock, winch or motor. Pivot arm awnings are popular for their ability to be used at different angles; fully projected for a complete shade, halfway to block heat and allow light, or slightly drawn to take the edge of that morning sun.


Blind Elegance pivot arm awnings are operated by remote control – 1 push of a button and you can control sun and glare without getting out of your seat. The awning can fully project in under 25 seconds and does so almost silently.

Manual operations are available to the budget conscious as an option to reduce cost.

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The Blind Elegance pivot arm awning sits on the external wall above the top of the window. Your chosen fabric is rolled on a spring-loaded steel tube, which is housed in a stylish headbox. The exposed fabric is attached to and protected by a steel base rail. Spring-loaded arms are attached to the side of the window.

The arms are attached to a base rail and form a pivot point with the wall when the awning is projected.

  • An enclosed cassette that is designed to be self-supporting
  • A base rail that protects the fabric from fray and degradation
  • Rust-free pins
  • Teflon coated bearings
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Awning arms fabricated from high-strength aluminum alloy.

Motorisation & Sensors

External Awnings or Blinds are the most effective form of window covering to reduce heat in the home during summer.

Most of the heat generated in a home or office building is due to the sun’s rays hitting the glass. Once the sun hits a glass window and heats it up, there is very little you can do to cool it down. The heat generated here will then enter the home or office building exacerbating the temperature inside. Once this has happened the only way to cool the building down is to use coolers, such as air conditioners, significantly increasing electricity costs.

There are many fabric types and styles available to suit your own taste and style as well as many different types of awnings to suit your home and your own individual needs. All offer protection from the sun and some will also extend your outside living areas providing shade for you should you wish to sit outside.

Automation of these awnings increases the likelihood of you benefiting from the sun protection aspects as the awning can come down automatically as required,depending on the conditions of the day. Wind sensors also help extend the life of your external blinds as they will put them safely away should the wind levels increase during the day.


Blind Elegance pivot arm awnings use only the best of fabrics to protect you, your family and your home from the harsh Australian sun. We manufacture our awnings using Ricky Richards dupont teflon coated fabric, a favourite with designers.

Our fabrics are U.V. resistant, water resistant and mildew resistant and can aid in the reduction of solar glare, in most cases up to 90%, naturally creating a cool and comfortable space for you and your family to enjoy.

Other than being functional, the fabrics used are also stylish and durable and available in a multitude of colours. Our mobile showroom has our full range of colours available for you to see and feel. *Blind Elegance uses Ricky Richards, Docril & Mode Outlook fabrics.

Fixing methods

Installed by our team of experienced and professional installer, pivot arm awnings can be attached to almost all out door windows, even on apartment buildings or high rise residential.


Type Pivot Drop Arm Awning
Maximum Width 5.9m
Maximum Drop 2.7m
Component Warranty 1 year
Fabric Warranty 5 years
Compression spring range 160°
Keyway tube available in Heavy duty aluminium
Bottom rail available in Heavy duty aluminium
Guide rails available in gold passivate finish
or stainless steel finish



Outdoor Blinds Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We take tremendous pride in our customer service and actively encourage our customers to let us know how their new outdoor blinds are performing as we genuinely care about the results they are getting.

We are extremely proud of the fact that over 80 percent of the orders we receive are from friends, family, and neighbours.

Outdoor Blinds Customer Satisfaction Gurantee

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