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Patio Covers

Blind Elegance Patio Covers come in a wide variety of makes and sizes.

Patio Covers are an ideal solution to shade, weather and temperature control problems. They provide a practical solution while adding style to your home and maybe the finishing touch on a renovation.

Patio covers provide a safe and comfortable place for you and your family to sit, eat, relax and entertain for many years to come.

You can choose between either the Bullnosed Patio Cover or Flat Patio Covers

Bullnosed Patio Covers are the traditional look suiting older style houses.

Flat Patio Covers becoming more and more popular as they represent the modern straight lines in today’s modern architecture. These are often placed on a 4-5 degree fall to allow water to run off and gutters can be attached for water diversion.

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Through our chain of experienced local suppliers, Blind Elegance offers a superior build.

The process involves using a polycarbonate sheet that is heat formed in our factory. The end of each sheet is heated and curved to the radius. Industry practice states that 8mm twin wall sheets cannot be bent that tight but the heat in the oven allows the sheets to soften and sag so that the sheet can be curved around a steel barrel to form the shape of the bullnose. The sheet is then cooled. The bullnose uses 380mm of sheet. Gutters can be attached to the front.

Both patio covers use aluminium box sections as the support structures. These member sizes vary depending on how far out the patio cover (ie the further the projection, the larger the beams).

The joining bars for the sheets are also curved for Bullnosed or Flat Patio Covers. The aluminium used is a curving quality temper meaning it can be cured without stress. Our rolling machines allow a complete curve if necessary.





Outdoor Blinds Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We take tremendous pride in our customer service and actively encourage our customers to let us know how their new outdoor blinds are performing as we genuinely care about the results they are getting.

We are extremely proud of the fact that over 80 percent of the orders we receive are from friends, family, and neighbours.

Outdoor Blinds Customer Satisfaction Gurantee

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