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    Factory Direct

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    Best Value and Quality

    Did You Know That We Offer :

    • Expert Advice
    • FREE – Design – Measure – Quote
    • A complete Range of Styles & Designs to suit every budget

    Give yourself space

    We don’t simply sell shade. We create comfortable outdoor living spaces.

    Our products aren’t just for covering existing entertainment areas; Blind Elegance is here to work with you to create new room from the space you’ve got around you.

    Common problems often need unique solutions.

    Our team are experienced technicians who can assist you in visualising the best solution for your space.

    Ever been to a BBQ and absolutely loved the setting, only to glumly realise that it wouldn’t translate to your own place? We’ll help you discover what will work for you and your space, so it becomes a talking point that others also love.

    Add Value

    We want to help you cast a vision for an outdoor living space, integrated and extending naturally from your house, to create a seamless living experience.

    We have also helped many cafes in Sydney increase the dining area on their premises.

    We help you manage entertaining spaces so that you, not the weather, are in control.

    Quality European Parts

    European awnings and shutters are the best in the world. We insist on them for longevity and results.

    Assembled in Australia

    The products we supply are all made in Australian factories, right here in Sydney.

    Factory Direct

    You don’t pay for our showrooms, we custom make your solution and install it directly from the workshop.

    Quality Construction

    Don’t get caught out with cheap rubbish that breaks within a few years.

    Expert Advice

    I’ve helped hundreds of households, cafes and shopping centres with genuine weather solutions.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    Your money is protected with my long product warranties.


    We loved the fact that Blind Elegance are local and very responsive.

    Mr and Mrs Duckett

    Blind Elegance made it easy to do business with and we got good results.

    Maggie Frazier

    I had a vision of what I wanted and Blind Elegance made it happen for me.

    Gail Hunter