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Dome Awnings

Domed window awnings offer a traditional look in a fresh way. Our design allows the awnings to be set at any angle, so you can set the pitch to suit your needs. If you need an awning greater than this, you will need to go to a patio cover.

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These awnings have a minimum radius of 1400mm, as 8mm polycarbonate sheets cannot bear a more extreme curve than this. This does restrict the possibility of achieving that tight cafe style look, however this is usually only applicable to the small projected awnings.

The awnings come in a variety of colours. There are five sheet choices of 8mm twin walled polycarbonate and four aluminium joining bar colours. However, we are able to powder coat to any specific colour of your choice.

Each polycarbonate sheet and H Bar is 725mm centre to centre. Each sheet provides UV elimination on both sides for added protection, and all awnings can be made to exact size to suit your needs.

The awnings come in the projections of 960mm, 1160mm, 1450mm and 1600mm.  For an awning greater than this, a patio cover is most appropriate.

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